Sunline Siglon PE X8 Braid

Sunline Siglon PE X8 Braid

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The Sunline Siglon pe x8 is a brand new Japanese-made, 8 braid, which Sunline developed especially for European anglers and their requirements. The Siglon PE combines all the properties that a very good, modern braided string should have.

In the production of the Siglon PE x8, eight very high-quality crude fibre of the specially designed and so-called "ex-PE" polyethylene fiber are very closely intertwined and extremely accurate. As this happens within a new weaving process, the cross-sectional surface of the string is reduced, resulting in very thin cord diameters.

In addition, thanks to the very tight interweaving, the Siglon PE has an ultra-low elongation, which makes it highly sensitive. Thus bites and basic contacts are passed directly and precisely to the angler. Sunline Siglon pe: Perfect braided string for lure fishing

As used by Sunline cords, this braiding method is optimized for optimum roundness and a very uniform surface structure of the cord. The Siglon PE is therefore pleasantly round and does not flatten even in later use. Moreover, this braided cord is very smooth. On the one hand it is well on the part, on the other hand it significantly reduces friction in the rod rings.

Thanks to the low friction, the Siglon PE glides quietly through the rings and allows high casting distances. In order to further improve the handling on the reel and the throwing performance, the cord has a comparatively high stiffness. This ensures that you will not be able to wrap around the rings too quickly on windy days.

Also on the Baitcasting roller, the Siglon PE has excellent throwing properties due to the stiffness mentioned. The handling on the BC was one of the points that Sunline has devoted particular attention to in the development of this new braided cord.

All these values are not achieved by the Siglon PE by a particularly thick coating, but are realized by high-quality materials and the intricate weaving process. The cord surface is already very smooth and round after the actual braiding, so that a thinly applied coating as a finishing of the cord surface is already completely sufficient.

    Properties of the Siglon PE at a glance:
  • Designed specifically for the modern art bait fishing
  • Uniform and round cord surface: very smooth
  • Low friction in the rod rings: quiet
  • High stiffness: wide throws and stress-free, also on the BC roll
  • Ultra low elongation: highly sensitive, direct feedback via basic contacts and bites
  • Reliable load Data
When used on water, the Siglon PE behaves reliably at all times as usual. The cord carries what the payload claims promise. So the angler can concentrate completely on the essentials, that is, the fishing as such and the presentation of the bait, without having to worry about the string. Even with thinner selected diameters, pike and Zander never pose problems for the cord.

As always, Sunline also pays attention to the fact that the Siglon PE can be easily knoted and the knots really hold.

Jap. Line class Capacity LB Diameter Capacity kg
0,6 10 0,132 mm 4,5
0,8 12 0,153 mm 6,0
1,0 16 0,171 mm 7,7
1,2 20 0,187 mm 9,0
1,5 25 0,209 mm 11,0
1,7 30 0,223 mm 13,0
2,0 35 0,242 mm 15,0
2,5 40 0,270 mm 18,0
3,0 50 0,296 mm 22,0

Contents: 150,00 m

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