"OSP DoLive Shrimp 4"" Amezari (TW109)"

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The DoLive Shrimp mimics small shrimp and imitates the movements realistically. The small arms and legs wiggle to and fro, as they vibrate even with the slightest catch-up movements. These vibrations respond to the lateral line and thus attract the attention of the robbers. Both the big claws and antennas, as well as the small legs move even more in Zug train. If the shrimp falls to the ground, the sinking phase is significantly slowed down by the large claws. Especially this extremely slow decay phase irritates the predators to the attack. Due to the special material, the bait glides almost weightlessly through the water. If the bait stands still on the ground, the legs and scissors remain almost upright. This makes the bait look like a real shrimp on the ground. The DoLive Shrimp is an outstanding rubber fish, which even entices sensitive perch to attack.

Color Amezari (TW109)
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