Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad

A shad with an built in guarantee to catch, even in the first few tests this lure held a few surprises! The Zander Pro proved to be very selective, that was unheard of before. Zander Pro has been tested against proven zander lures and the Zander Pro always wins!

It has proved itself throughout the whole season, so today the Zander Pro is an essential item in many tackle boxes. The 3 sizes provoke strikes from all predators - perch, pike and zander all love this lure. The body and the movement are both very natural. The body stays stable with a slow or fast retrieve and doesn’t bend unnaturally. The shad rolls slightly from side to side. The tail completes the natural swimming movement and allows different styles of lure fishing, in still or moving water, when casting or vertical fishing. Even with heavy jig heads in a strong flow or with ultra light jig heads in shallow water, the Zander Pro always produces a perfect bait motion. The robust rubber mixture lasts a long time, even aŠ er loads of takes, and a jig head with its steel clamp produces a very durable and secure hold in the rubber body. The colours for the Zander Pro provides the angler with the perfect choice for colour of the water or the main prey fish, and improves the catch rate further. The Fox Rage Zander Pro is a shad with a built in guarantee to catch, a must have in all tackle boxes.A new loaded version, equipped with a jig head, is also available.
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