OSP DoLive Craw 3" Yosinobori (W054)

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The development of a perfect imitation of cancer began with the complete analysis of existing cancer implications. After countless tests it became clear that the bites only came when the bait shows its lively play. If this bait game takes place during sinking, the fish will attack at that exact moment. When the bait best expresses its most natural play when cranking, the bites come at exactly this stage. So if a crab imitation loses its living movement, it loses its attractiveness and the bites stay off.

The first O.S.P. Softbait, the Dolive Craw is very attractive to the robbers in all phases. The phenomenal movements during the sinking phase increase the number of bites drastically. After placing the body on the bottom of the water sink the antennas and scissors very slowly. It is precisely this slow movement that mimics a cancer in defensive posture and makes the Dolive Craw so attractive. During every single phase, the Dolive Craw exerts a tremendous appeal and maintains its lifelike gameplay.

Color Yosinobori (W054)
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