Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatter Jig

The Jack Hammer is an incredible Chatter Bait made in the home of Evergreen. This bait maker attaches great importance to precision and accuracy. You can already see that at the first sight of the bait. The Jack Hammer is the absolute Champions League in the field of Chatter Baits and in terms of quality and running behavior almost unbeatable. The detailed blade alone ensures a quick start when catching up. As a result, the Jack Hammer transmits action and vibration immediately after immersion to the environment and irritates the predatory fish from the very first second. He has a double Baitholder made of wire, which holds the trailer exactly in the right position. The additional shaft guarantees a perfect fit of the additional rubber. It also features an ultra-sharp and perfectly designed hook and ultra agile skirt rubbers.

If Chatter Bait, then Evergreen Jack Hammer!

comes in different colors and weights

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