Balzer Adrenalin Arctic Shad

Balzer Adrenalin Arctic Shad

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After an almost two-year development period in close cooperation withour Norway specialist, Steffen Dietze, they are at last available: the Arctic Jig and the Arctic Eel: superlative rubber fish! Steffen, who runs a camp in northern Norway and knows all the popular rubber fish exceptionally well, was not really satisfied with any of them.Therefore, from the very start he focused on improving these weakpoints and developing the perfect shad:

All well-known shads have the problem that the rubber fish are difficult to change or don?t remain on the head well. The stainless steel spiral holds the shad steady as a rock. It can be screwed on and off in a moment without damaging the rubber. A small lead-in duct shows where the spiral must go.

Magnet hook rest

Conventional rubber fish either have one large single hook or a stinger with a treble hook which is stuck into the back as when fishing for pike and perch. When a single hook is used frequently the fish lever themselves out and the rubber is badly affected. When a treble hook with stinger is used the main problem is that in the event of a malocclusion one doesn?t know whether the treble hook is still stuck in, or dangling around and thus naturally causing a high missed bite rate.The Arctic shads have a magnet in the back. If a missed bite takes place and the hook breaks away from the magnet it automatically returns to the magnet - just great! When there is a bite the treble hook breaks away from the magnet and the stinger hangs free from the shad. The teeth of the fish never come into contact with the rubber! A further advantage of the magnet: all 3tips of the treble hook are free, prompting a better bite yield.

All jigheads are furnished with a special clear varnish which reacts to UV light!

Stinger/treble hook:
The stinger consists of a 1.4 mm thick PE line (extremely resistant to abrasion) as well as an extremely thickly wired sea treble hook from the Mustad company. There?s no escaping here!

2 different tails
There are 2 rubber fish in each package 1 x with paddle tail and 1 x with a twister tail. There are days on which the fish mainly bite on rubbers with a paddle, on other days they prefer the shad with the twister tail. Thanks to the spiral jig the rubbers can be changed in a matter of seconds. Extremely durable rubber mixture, good colour retention.

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